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KGK: Written media is in a very difficult situation

The Global Journalists’ Council (KGK) made a written statement pointing out that after the sharp rise in…

The Global Journalists’ Council (KGK) made a written statement pointing out that after the sharp rise in the exchange rate in recent months, especially the paper-printed media is in danger of ending its broadcasting life in the face of increasing printing costs.
The statement made with the signature of KGK Chairman Mehmet Ali Dim said:
Since paper and ink, which are the most basic needs of the printed media, come with imports depending on the dollar rate, the ever-increasing costs carry the risk of exhausting the print media and leaving thousands of press workers unemployed and without a job.
Especially for the Anatolian press, alarm bells are ringing. Local newspapers, which are the national and qualified voice of the society in every city, have difficulty in finding paper for their daily prints and have to pay the black market price for the paper they find.

The deep crisis experienced by the Anatolian press, which has no income other than official and private advertisements and newspaper sales, in the face of the foreign exchange increase experienced in violation of the known and accepted rules of the economy, is not at a level that can be overcome in the short and long term.
Official announcements, one of the most important income items in the local press, have decreased considerably with the decrease in public investments and the latest savings circular.
The private sector is also the victim of the economic downturn. For this reason, private advertisements, another source of income of the media sector, are almost non-existent. Newspaper sales revenues are also at the lowest level.
Under the coordination of the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, in consultation with the relevant institutions and professional organizations, the urgent reorganization of the official announcement prices, the reduction of the dollar-indexed satellite prices of television channels and the royalty fees of the radios, in particular to provide the necessary public support for the subsidized supply of imported paper for the survival of the printed media. We are waiting for steps to provide grants and interest-free loan support in order to provide flexibility and flexibility, and to keep all media organizations in a difficult situation alive.
As the Global Journalists Council (KGK), we are ready to support the steps to be taken and the initiatives to meet at a common solution point.


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